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How to configure working hours for barbershop and add exceptions for holidays

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Here you can set working hours for each of your barbershops. That will be your general working week, without assignment to specific week and dates. Use Exceptions for specific dates to make changes to your general week, for instance for Holidays.

How to find

Main menu -> Barbershop section -> Working hours

Create general working week

1. If you have more than one location, select needed one in dropdown

2. Select day of the week you want to change

3. In appeared pop-up, select either barbershop is open or closed in selected day. If open, then specify working interval

3. Now you can either apply it to selected day (to Monday in the example) or to multiple days.

If you know that you have other days of a week with same working hours, click "Apply to Multiple", select days and click "Apply":

If you want to apply only for currently selected day, click "Apply to Monday":

Data is saved now.

Create exceptions to general working week

If location working hours are different in specific date (for instance Holidays), you can create Exceptions. Read about them.

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