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How to configure barbers lookbook
How to configure barbers lookbook

How create Lookbook and make it appear under a barber profile in barbershop mobile app and website

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Lookbook is displayed under a barber profile. So each barber has his/her own lookbook. Let's see step-by-step how to configure it.

Step 1: Create Album with images

Go to Lookbook page and click Add Album:

Name it somehow. Better by barber name - it will make it easier to arrange when you have an album per barber:

Click Save button on the bottom to create an Album.

Step 2: Assign album to barber

Click on the just-created album. Then scroll to the bottom of the album page to the list of photos. Now you need to assign photos to barber. Start typing barber's name in the search box and then select the barber in the search results.

Now all photos are assigned to a barber. All photos already appear in John's profile in a mobile app and website.

Now you can optionally add descriptions to photos. Click on a photo, fill description and click Save:

Step 3: Observe the results

Open your mobile app or website, and go to the barber profile page to check the lookbook that we've just added. Photos appeared under the barber's main photo. Users can scroll photos and tap on any photo to scale it up and see its description:

Important! If the version of your mobile app is less than 13.0.1 then the lookbook will look different in the app - you will see the "Lookbook" button under the main photo that takes users to a separate page with photos. Starting from v 13 the button was removed and the lookbook is displayed on the barber profile page as you see in the screenshot above.

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