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In this tab, you can review and manage your customer base.

Tap on the Customers button on the left navigation bar to open the full list of your customers with basic information.

There is the following information displayed: names, contact information, and a list of actions you can take to manage the customer base.

Here is a list of available actions:

  • View. Tap on the customer or View button on the Actions column to review or edit detailed information about each customer.

  • Remove customer. You can delete any customer profile from your base.

  • Customer services. It is a list of services that customer usually books.

  • Create appointment. You can create appointments manually.

  • Bonuses. Here you can review the customer bonus card.

  • Notes and formulas. Add notes about your customers and their preferences about services and barbering products.

  • Send email.

  • Send SMS.

In Customers tab, you can also add new clients manually by tapping +Add  Customer button on the top navigation bar, as well as create PDF and Excel reports.

Read how to manage customers.

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