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Manage notification
Manage notification
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Open Notifications tab to review sent notifications and create and manage new ones.

Tap +Add Notification button and complete the following steps to create a new one:

1.Choose customers filter.

  • Specific customer. You need to add customer name and find him in your base.

  • Customers who used selected services. Within this option, you need to add certain services from your base.

  • Customers with appointments. You need to choose the period of booking to send notifications about appointments.ย 

  • Customers who have a birthday. Here you need to set up a period of birthdays.

2. Select the notification type (email or SMS).

3. Select the Notification template. You can create and use different templates. If you want to write a message on your own, you need to choose "No notification template" option.

4. Select the notification topic: general, appointment, bonus, gift, promo, birthday.

5. Add email subject (available for email notifications only)

6. Add BCC email addresses (available for email notifications only)

7. Add (or edit) notification text.

8. Set up the date and time of notification.

9. Save changes.

Also, you can edit created notifications. Find needed notification on the list. Tap Details button in the Action column or tap the notification to open the editing window.

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