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iOS and Android mobile apps configuration
iOS and Android mobile apps configuration

How to configure and publish your mobile application to App Store and Google Play

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This article is about how to configure and publish Android and iOS mobile applications to Google Play and Apple Store.

Video Tutorial

Same and more details on our video tutorial:

STEP 1: Configuration

Before publishing application needs to be configured. Click on Items in the left menu to apply configuration:

  • Background - to change application background image

  • Logo - to change logo, which appears on the Home screen

  • Colors - to change main application colors

  • Screens - by clicking on each Screen you can change text for buttons, labels and screen names.

When you are done, you need to save changes. There are 2 options:

  • Button Save - to save your changes only for test. It means that they will not be propagated to live application but configuration will be saved and available when you visit the page next time.

  • Button Apply to Live. If Application is already published to live, changes will be propagated immediately. If not published yet - configuration will be applied when application is published

STEP 2: Publishing

On the top of Configuration page there are publishing statuses to Apple Store and Google Drive.

Possible statuses:

Click on status name to get redirected to Publishing page. There are 2 rows - Android application and iOS application:

Click on the application you want to publish. In appeared window fill all required fields:

  • Icon - Application Icon for Stores. The which then appear on desktop of your phone

  • Name - Application name in stores and your desktop

  • Description - Appears at application page in Apple Store and Google Play

And finally click on publish icon on the grid to start publishing:

Conform in dialog:

Done! Now just wait notification from Barberly.

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