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Walk-in solution - self check-in and electronic queue
Walk-in solution - self check-in and electronic queue
How to set up walk-in solution in Barberly. Customize self-check-in tab and electronic queue screen
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Read in this article:

  • What is walk-in solution and why/when you need it

  • How to setup and start electronic queue

  • How it works

What is this and why the one would need it

Solution includes self check-in kiosk for walk-ins and Appointments table ( timeline with electronic queue) to display on the large TV screen. 

All parts of the solution are fully customizable. You can change design, styles, texts and data.

Solution is integrated into the single Barberly booking system, which means it works side-by-side together with other client facing apps provided by Barberly. For instance clients may book from mobile application and they get into the same queue with walk-ins.

Solution developed for barbershops either working only with walk-ins or using hybrid model (bookings + walk-ins).

How to setup and start electronic queue

First you need configure booking system in Barberly CRM. Once it is done:
STEP 1: Go to Barberly CRM and select "Queue and Kiosk" in the side menu

STEP 2: Customize design - you can change colors and texts:

STEP 3: Once you are happy with design, click "Apply to live" button, to propagate your changes to Live version of your Kiosk and Queue:

STEP 4: Copy your Walk-in URL and open in your browser. Welcome to your Electronic queue:

How it works

Solution can be open in browser. If you use TAB or also can be used as Progressive Web Application, which means you can save it to your Tab home screen and work as with normal mobile application. Read how to do it on iOS and Android tabs.


This page clients normally don't see. Here you select Location (if you have just one it will be pre-selected) and select which screen you want to open:
Check-in screen - should be open on clients iPad (or any other tab) - this is self-check-in kiosk.
Queue screen - to be open on big TV screen.


To be open on clients iPad (or Android tab).
Client clicks start:

Barber (optional)
Service (Mandatory)
Time slot (Mandatory) - default time slot size is 15 minutes, but it;s configurable. You can change it in Barberly CRM:

And clicks Book:

Next inputs his name and clicks Book Appointment:

Observer Confirmation page and click OK when satisfied enough:



  • Queue moves automatically you don't need to touch it or reload

  • If you have more barbers than screen can place timeline will automatically be moving down and up to display all barbers and their bookings

  • By default Timeline shows 3 hours, but its configurable - you may change this value in Barberly CRM.

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