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How create or delete recurring appointment
How create or delete recurring appointment

Step-by-step how to create and cancel recurring appointment in Barberly

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Create recurring appointment

Start creating appointment as usual. At the end elect radio option "Recurring":

Then select when next occurrence should be scheduled:

If you have schedule and +- same time is available it will select time autocratically. If need more occurrences, just click on period button one more time and then more... It will be adding next occurrence on each click:

If you son't have schedule for next periods yet, or time slots are already taken, it wil suggest you to select custom time slot:

Click save. System will create appointment for each occurrence and will display report. If it fails to create one or more occurrences, it will be shown in the report:

Cancel recurring appointment

Open any occurrence which is not completed yet. There 2 cancel buttons there:
First cancels only current occurrence:

Second button cancels all occurrences which are not competed yet:

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