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How to publish your mobile application to App Store And Google Play
How to publish your mobile application to App Store And Google Play

Step-by-step tutorial on how to your mobile application to App Store And Google Play

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This article assumes that you already configured your mobile application and now want to submit request to publish the app to App Store And Google Play. If you didn't yet done with configuration, please follow this article.

Step 1: Go to Publishing page

Find in Side menu "Publish Mob Apps" item:

As you see there are 2 applications on the page - Android and iOS. You need to submit 2 publishing request in order to publish both of them. Let's see how you can do it.

Step 2: Submit request to publish iOS Application to App Store

Click on the row with iOS Application:

In the appeared window, fill 3 things:

  • Application icon - the one which will appear in the Store and on iPhone and iPad home screen. It should be squared with minimum resolution 1024x1024px (requirement from Apple).

  • Application name - name of your app in the Store and the one which appears under icon on the home screen.

  • Application description - obviously application description. The one which will appear in the store

When you are done, just click "Save and Send to review" button. If you just click "Save", app will be saved but it will not go to publishing:

Step 3: Submit request to publish Android Application to Google Play

Nothing special, do exactly the same as with iOS application. If you want you can publish just one of the app and later publish second one.

Step 4: Wait for application to be published

It normally takes 2-4 days till your application appears in the stores, because Apple and Google should review it first. They can reject the app, if app with such name already exists in the store. In this case we will ask you to change the name. We will keep you informed - you'll get notification from Barberly with detailed instruction when your app is live.

Step 5: Notify your clients that you have new fancy way to create appointments

Inform your clients that you have the app and they install it from their phone store.

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