Let your clients book appointments straight from Google Maps. Google integrates with your Barberly account and displays all your barbers, services and availability in their interface


  1. You must have confirmed address on Google Maps. Basically, Google should display your salon on its maps.

  2. You must have Barberly account with configured booking system

How to activate the feature

  1. In Barberly Portal got to Main Menu -> Apps -> Google Maps Booking page.

  2. On the page check statuses of your Services and Locations. Only services and locations that meet Google criteria will be integrated. If all services or all locations have errors they should be fixed before prior the integration.

  3. If services or locations have errors, they will be listed in the table:

  4. To activate integration click "Activate Google Maps integration".

  5. Wait for the synchronization with Google. It may take up to 24 hours. If everything went smoothly booking functionality will appear on your page on Google Maps.

How to understand that integration succeded

If Google is able to match your Barberly address and salon name with your salon on Google Maps you will see matched data and link to the booking page in Google. See screenshot:

IMPORTANT! If Google matched your salon with a wrong location, disable the integration and contact our support

How to understand that integration failed

In most cases, the integration fails if Google could not match your Barberly address and salon name with the one on Google Maps. We recommend adjust the salon name and check your address. After that just wait. Google will try to synchronize your salon again within 24 hours. When integration fails the status will look as on screenshot:

The other side of the feature

  • Google synchronization takes time. If you block time in Barberly it still may be available some time on Google Maps so clients can create appointments. Same for any changes in working hours.

  • Clients don't pay through Google Maps. Even if payment is required by your settings in Barberly, bookings from Google Maps will go without payments.

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