Bonus points are used in the Loyalty program. Clients collect points to exchange them later for bonuses and discounts. There are 2 ways to collect points:

  1. For completed appointments

  2. Provided manually by barber

Points for completed appointments

When barbers complete an appointment (changes status to COMPLETED) the system suggests adding bonus points to a client. The default number of points equals the appointment price. For example, if the appointment price is $100 the number of points is 100. Barber is allowed to change the number of points before completing an appointment.

Points provided manually

Barber can give points manually:

  1. On the customer profile page click on the "Bonuses" button

2. On the "Bonus Card" page click on the "Add points" button:

3. Fill the number of points and press "Give points":

4. Observe that points were added to the customer's bonus card:

Here, on the "Bonus Card" page, a barber can also check the history of the customer's points by clicking on the "Show history" button.

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