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How clients collect bonus points in the Loyalty program
How clients collect bonus points in the Loyalty program

Learn how clients collect their bonus points, how to provide bonus points manually and how to check client's points history

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Bonus points are used in the Loyalty program. Clients collect points to exchange them later for bonuses and discounts. There are 2 ways to collect points:

  1. For completed appointments

  2. Provided manually by barber

Points for completed appointments

When barbers complete an appointment (changes status to COMPLETED) the system suggests adding bonus points to a client. The default number of points equals the appointment price. For example, if the appointment price is $100 the number of points is 100. Barber is allowed to change the number of points before completing an appointment.

Points provided manually

Barber can give points manually:

  1. On the customer profile page click on the "Bonuses" button

2. On the "Bonus Card" page click on the "Add points" button:

3. Fill the number of points and press "Give points":

4. Observe that points were added to the customer's bonus card:

Here, on the "Bonus Card" page, a barber can also check the history of the customer's points by clicking on the "Show history" button.

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