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Configure Service packages
Configure Service packages

2 ways how to configure service packages in Barberly and sell more

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There are 2 possible approaches how to configure packages in Barberly. Could be mixed and used together. From the client interface perspective, they look like this.

Option 1: Dedicated category with combo services and motivation to book

Option 2: Discounted add-ons available only in combo

Video Tutorial

Here is a video from our YouTube channel on how to make both configurations:

Text Tutorial

Given we have 2 services. Haircut and Beard Trim. The price is 50$ for each.

We want to create a combo so that when these 2 services are booked together the total price would be 75$. As shown above, there are 2 options.

Configuration for Option 1

Create one more service with the marketing name Haircut + Beard Trim (save 25$). Set the price: 75$.

Create a new category for services and call it Packages. Add some marketing description for the category to motivate clients to expand it and check what is inside. For example, Book together and pay less. Check newly created services under the category Services list. It will add service to the category:

Done. You can add more combos under the new category.

Configuration for Option 2

Here we use the advantages of add-on services.

Create new add-on-only service with the marketing name Beard Trim (save 25$). Add-on-only services are only available for booking as add-on and are not displayed for booking as standalone services.

Now go to the Services add-on page. Select Haircut as a service. Click on the green plus button near the newly created service Beard Trim (save 25$) to make it appear as an add-on to Haircut:

Done. You can add any number of add-on options to any service to motivate clients booking in combo.

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