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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Why Barberly is Your Secret Weapon
From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Why Barberly is Your Secret Weapon

Why choose Barberly over aggregator platforms? Explore how Barberly empowers you to create a unique online presence

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In the competitive world of barbering, standing out requires taking control of your brand. While aggregator platforms may promise client sourcing, the truth is they share your clients with others as well. Standard limited customization offered by aggregators limits your potential and keeps you in a crowded sea of competitors. Only you have the power to grow Your brand Your way. Break free, stand out and gain control over your brand and clients! Barberly is the ultimate game-changer to creating your distinctive online presence

  1. Your Brand, Your App

    Barberly uniquely enables you to easily launch your own custom-branded app on App Store and Google Play at no additional costs. Having your own mobile app sets you apart as a brand that cares about convenience and modernity. You're just a fingertip away from your clients, making it easier than ever to connect and provide exceptional service. Your own app becomes a symbol of your commitment to meeting the needs of hardworking individuals like yourself

    Studies reveal that businesses with dedicated mobile apps witness a boost in customer loyalty, with 82% of users expressing a preference for app-based bookings/purchases

  2. Customize Your App, Leave an Impression

    Don't settle for blending in with the crowd. Barberly provides the platform for you to establish your brand's identity, capture attention, and shine brightly. With a custom mobile app that bears your signature, you'll create an unforgettable impression and build a loyal following. You're in full control of your app's design. Gone are the days of generic booking pages

  3. Unlock the Power of In-App Capabilities

    Barberly goes beyond the ordinary offering in-app e-commerce, seamless payments, loyalty programs and push notifications. Utilize these features to drive sales, engage with clients, and provide exceptional service. By leveraging the full potential of your app, you create a comprehensive and immersive brand experience that keeps clients coming back for more

Don't wait for aggregator platforms to bring clients to your doorstep. With Barberly, you become the driving force behind your brand's success. Embrace the responsibility and take your brand into your own hands. Your unique skills, style, and personality are the key to becoming the contemporary cool leader in the industry.

Barberly's community of 11,000+ barbers has already experienced the power of taking control and building their own brands. Join us and discover how you can thrive in the barbering world

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