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Revamp Your Barbershop This Valentine's Day with Barberly: Outshine, Outperform, Outlast
Revamp Your Barbershop This Valentine's Day with Barberly: Outshine, Outperform, Outlast

Maximize Valentine's Day profits with Barberly! From custom apps to smart booking, we offer unique tools to elevate your barbershop's brand

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Valentine's Day isn't just about roses and chocolates; it's a golden opportunity for your barbershop to flourish! Barberly offers you the tools to not just compete but lead. Here’s how Barberly sets you apart this season:

1. Festive Digital Makeover: Transform your mobile app and website with a touch of Valentine's magic. Quick, lively updates with Barberly's customizable tools make your digital presence pop

2. Smart Alerts: Use push-notifications as Cupid’s arrows, reminding clients to groom for their special date. It's like whispering in their ear at the perfect moment

3. Cupid’s Specials: Spice up Valentine's Day with unique packages! How about 'The Dapper Duo' for friends, or 'The Gentleman's Groom' for the classic suave look? Offer fun add-ons like 'The Cupid's Beard Trim' or 'The Romeo Shave'. Create buzz with promos like 'Love at First Cut' discounts or 'Be My Valentine' grooming gift cards. Get creative, make it fun, and watch your clients line up for these special treats!

4. Pricing, But Smarter: Flexibility is key. With Barberly, adjust your rates for Valentine's spike smartly, or play it cool with regular pricing – your strategy, our support

5. No More 'Sorry, We're Full': Our savvy waitlist feature turns 'No' into 'Yes!' Fill up every slot and maximize your day because every minute counts

6. Kiosk: The Modern Receptionist: Our walk-in kiosk keeps things flowing smoothly. Clients enjoy the control, and you enjoy the efficiency – it's a win-win

7. Deposits: Your Income Assurance: Implement prepayments to safeguard your busy day’s earnings. Barberly helps make your policies clear, so there are no surprises

8. QR Codes: The New Window Shopping: Invite passers-by to book instantly with a QR code – a window display that works harder

9. Love Rewards: Enhance your loyalty program with Valentine-themed perks. Show love, get love – it’s that simple

10. Gift Cards: The Perfect Gesture: Let your clients share the love with gift cards. It’s not just a haircut; it’s an experience to gift

While the barber app landscape is crowded, with platforms like Squire, Booksy, TheCut, Vagaro, Setmore, Treatwell, Nearcut, and Schedulicity, Barberly carves a unique niche

Unlike aggregators, we don't just add you to a list. Our mission is to elevate your barbershop's own brand. We empower you with tools to stand out with your own mobile booking app, complete with custom designs and logos, under your barbershop's name

With Barberly, your clients won't need to navigate through a generic app crowded with competitors. They'll have direct access to your services through an app that's all about your brand, reflecting a tech-savvy, modern, and robust barber business identity

Choose Barberly, and take a step towards owning your brand's future

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