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Nov 25, 2023: Introducing price rules
Nov 25, 2023: Introducing price rules

Barberly updates from November 25, 2023

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Price rules for services were released last week. In case if you missed details on our Instagram account , here's an overview.

What Price Rules for Services do

Price rules allow you to set different prices for the same service depending on location, dates and hours of the day. For example change prices for the Christmas period as on the screenshot:

More Use Cases

  • Extended Hours Premium: Charge higher rates for appointments booked outside of regular business hours, accommodating early birds and late-night clients while compensating for the extra operational demands.

  • Holiday Pricing: Increase your rates during high-demand periods like Christmas week to reflect the increased value of your services.

  • Off-Peak Discounts: Offer lower prices during typical off-hours to encourage more bookings and optimize your staff’s schedules.

  • Location-Based Pricing: Adjust prices for services based on their location, which can reflect rent variations or differing client demographics.

  • Event-Based Pricing: If a local event is likely to increase demand, you can temporarily raise prices to capitalize on the higher volume of clients.

Mobile app update

If you plan to use price rules please make sure your mobile app has version 17 or later. Otherwise, us usual, please request an update.

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