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Nov 20, 2023: New features in mobile app for clients
Nov 20, 2023: New features in mobile app for clients

Introducing v16

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In case if you missed Barberly updates announced in social media last week here is the short release summary.

1. Updates for the location page

  • Finding details: Tell clients how they can find you. Essential if you are in trade center or not on ground floor.

  • Parking info: Let your clients know where to park.

  • Amenities: Showcase location features

2. Update for team member page

  • Social media buttons

  • Button to start chat in WhatsApp

  • Button to call. You can configure if it's allowed or not

3. Custom tip option was added

4. Clients can now add notes and special requests to appointment

5. Cancellation policy

When configured clients must confirm that they agree with the policy when they book an appointment.

6. Invite-only registration

For businesses that serve only specific cercle of clients.

More updates to come this week already. Stay tuned. Follow us in Instagram to get news faster.

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