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Introducing the Barberly Affiliate Program
Introducing the Barberly Affiliate Program

Barberly offers an affiliate program aimed at individuals and businesses within the barbering industry

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Barberly offers an affiliate program aimed at individuals and businesses within the barbering industry. This program is designed to create a partnership opportunity where both parties benefit from new client subscriptions to the Barberly platform.

Program Details:

The Barberly Affiliate Program allows partners to earn a commission based on the subscription payments of clients they refer to Barberly. Here are the specifics:s:

  1. Commission Structure: Partners earn a commission ranging from 30% to 40% of the monthly subscription payments made by clients they refer, for up to 24 months after the client’s registration. The percentage of commission received increases with the number of clients referred.

  2. Partner Dashboard: Each partner is provided with access to a partner dashboard. This online cabinet allows partners to track referred clients, view accrued benefits, upcoming payments, and manage payouts.

  3. Referral Methods: Partners can refer clients through two main methods:

    • Custom URL with Partner Code: Partners are given a unique code that can be added to URLs. If clients visit Barberly using this URL, they are tracked, and even if they register later without the code, they are still attributed to the referring partner.

    • Direct Referral: Partners can also refer clients directly by notifying Barberly of a client's name who registered based on their recommendation.

  4. Discounts and Earnings: Partners have the option to offer discounts to their clients. These discounts will reduce the partner’s commission proportionately.

  5. Support and Resources: To assist in the referral process, partners are provided with a free Barberly account. This enables them to demonstrate the platform's features to potential clients effectively.

Benefits of Joining the Program:

  • Recurring Income: The program offers a potential for a recurring income through commissions for up to 24 months per referred client.

  • Transparency: The partner dashboard provides complete visibility into the partner's activities, including client tracking, earnings, and payouts.

  • Flexibility: Partners have flexibility in how they refer clients, whether through a custom URL or direct referral.

How to Get Started:

Interested individuals or businesses can contact Barberly directly to learn more about the program and to sign up. The process is designed to be straightforward to ensure partners can quickly start referring clients.


The Barberly Affiliate Program is structured to support our partners in earning through referrals, with a focus on transparency, flexibility, and support. It offers a way for those in the barbering industry to generate additional income by connecting their network with the Barberly platform.

For more information or to sign up, please contact us in the chat on our website or by email

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