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Control Gaps in Your Schedule
Control Gaps in Your Schedule

Can an appointment booking system eliminate gaps between client appointments? Barberly puts barbers in full control. No slot goes to waste

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Ensure Every Minute Counts

Gone are the days of wasted time slots! With Barberly, you can ensure that every minute of your schedule is utilized efficiently. No more idle gaps - just a streamlined, fully optimized schedule

How It Works

Let's break it down: imagine Client #1 schedules a 30-minute cut at 9:30. Traditionally, if Client #2 books at 10:15, you'd lose out on 15 valuable minutes in between appointments

Taking the Driver's Seat

Barberly empowers you to set the minimum time gap between appointments according to your preferences. Want to create a window for another booking? Simply adjust the settings to your liking

More Appointments = More Revenue

It's as simple as that! By maximizing your schedule efficiency, you'll open up opportunities for more appointments, ultimately leading to increased revenue and success for your barbershop business

How to Set Gaps Control in Barberly?

Navigating the gap control settings in Barberly is a breeze! Simply log in to your Barberly portal and follow these steps:

  1. Access the settings menu

  2. Navigate to the booking settings section

  3. Locate the option for setting the minimum time gap between appointments

  4. Adjust the gap duration according to your preferences

  5. Save your changes and watch as your schedule becomes more efficient than ever before!

Optimize Your Schedule Today!

Take control of your schedule and unlock its full potential with Barberly's Gap Control feature. Configure your settings now and start maximizing your appointments and revenue. Your schedule will thank you!


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