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Shield your Barbershop from Fraud and No-Shows with Barberly
Shield your Barbershop from Fraud and No-Shows with Barberly
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Protecting your barbershop from fraud and reducing no-shows is essential. Barberly delivers essential features to fortify your bookings against fraudulent activities

User Registration

You can make user registration mandatory. When a user registers, they must verify their phone number by entering an SMS code. This confirms that every account is tied to a real phone number, boosting security

Appointment Approvals

Set your preferences to control who can book an appointment. Manually approving new clients helps prevent fraudulent bookings, while trusted regulars can benefit from quicker, instant bookings

Deposits and Card Details

Asking for a deposit or card details upfront commits clients to their bookings. This practice not only secures your revenue but also discourages last-minute cancellations and no-shows

Blacklisting Clients

Proactively prevent issues by blacklisting problematic clients based on their phone number, email, or IP address. This stops them from making future bookings

Local Bookings

Limit bookings to clients within your local area to prevent misunderstandings and fraudulent bookings from other regions

Why Choose Barberly?

Barberly is a secure management system for your barbershop. It's designed to make online booking management easier for you and your clients and securely shield your business. Start today at and take a proactive step towards boosting your secure online presence

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