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Loyalty program for barbershop
Loyalty program for barbershop

Loyalty program is a small motivation that significantly increase the chance that customer will come back again

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We always say that the quality of service is the most important for client retention. And it's of course true - if a client is not satisfied with a haircut he likely will not come again. But if the service is good then it's time to think about what else keeps clients in a barbershop. The service today - is not just a haircut (or another service) itself. The satisfaction is formed by the overall experience. That also includes a feeling of being valuable, desire to get something back for being a client. The Loyalty program is going to fill this gap.

What the Loyalty Program does

The core idea - it motivates clients to use barbershop services again. It is also a reason for clients to use your mobile app more often. That increases involvement and loyalty.

How it works

Clients collect bonus points for services and products and can then exchange bonus points on bonuses and discounts.

With the Loyalty Program barbershops can:

  • Introduce discounts. One-off and permanent discounts. Discounts in percentages or in money.

  • Introduce bonuses. Award clients with free products or services.

  • Target your bonuses and discounts - create them for all clients or only for specific clients or groups of clients - for example for clients that have birthdays or use specific services. Make them permanent or limited in time.


There are multiple possible scenarios that you can implement with the loyalty program from Barberly. Here are just some examples:

  • Progressive discounts. For example 10%, then 15%, then 20% depending on the number of visits.

  • Back to school discount.

  • Holidays discounts - for example discount in Christmas Season for clients making stylings for parties.

  • Birthday bonus.

  • Free shampoo for 5 head washes

Make the Loyalty Program visible

Our goal was to make the program visible for clients as we think it's the only way to make it work. Clients can find the Loyalty Program button on the home screen of your mobile app. To attract more attention it shows a number of already available bonuses in the green circle.

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