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Loyalty program
How barbershop loyalty program works
How barbershop loyalty program works

Overview of the Loyalty program. How it works, how to configure bonuses and discounts. How inform clients.

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How it works (high level)

  1. Clients collect bonus points. They receive points for appointments. You can also award them with bonus points manually. Read how clients collect bonus points in more detail.

  2. If the Loyalty program is activated, clients can see their points in the mobile app and website. They also can see a list of available bonuses and discounts. They see both - bonuses for which they already have enough points and for which they don't. It's supposed to motivate them to use your services and collect more points.

  3. If a client has enough points to get a bonus, he gets a QR code on the bonus page.

  4. Barber scans the QR code using QR-scanner built-in Barberly Business to provide a bonus.

  5. The history of a client's bonuses and points can be found in a client's profile.

Loyalty program in the client's mobile app and website

So how it all looks from the clients' side. Clients can only access the loyalty program if they are logged in o the app. If the program is activated they will see a button in the top right corner:

Number 3 in the green circle means that client has sufficient points for 3 bonuses from the list. It is supposed to motivate clients to open the list of bonuses and check what they can obtain already or how many more points they need to collect for the desirable bonus.

The list of available bonuses page:

Tap (or click for website) on a bonus and get to the bonus page:

Loyalty program from barbers' side

If a client wants to get a bonus he shows QR-code to his barber. Barber opens Barberly Business mobile app -> tap Menu -> Give bonus. It will open QR-scanner. Scan the QR-code to provide the bonus:

Barber will get a confirmation that the bonus was provided successfully or an error message if it was not for some reason. Barber may check the history of client's points and received bonuses on the Barberly web portal

Check client's bonuses and points history

Main menu -> Clients -> Find a client -> Click on 3 dots -> select Bonuses. It will open the client's bonuses page where the barber can check:

  • Remaining points

  • History of points - received and spent

  • History of received bonuses

How to activate and configure the loyalty program

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