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Loyalty program
Configure barbershop loyalty program
Configure barbershop loyalty program

Learn how to activate the loyalty program and create bonuses, discounts, absolute discounts

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This article is about the activation and configuration of the Loyalty Program. Please read this article if you'd like to know how the program works.

Activate Loyalty Program

To activate the Loyalty Program go to the Main Menu -> Clients -> Loyalty Program and click "Activate Loyalty Program". Only activate when you complete the configuration of the product-created bonuses and discounts. Once activated, the Loyalty Program will be displayed on your mobile app and website.

Configure Loyalty Program

To launch the program you would need to create bonuses and/or discounts that clients can receive in exchange for their bonus points. On the high level, you may create 3 types of bonuses in Barberly:

  1. Discount. Discount in %. For example "-20%" on every service.

  2. Absolute discount. Monetary discount. For example "-10$" on beard trim.

  3. Bonus. Earn rewards by collecting points. For example, redeem 100 points for a free Shampoo or Haircut. Each bonus type supports flexible configuration:

  1. One-off or permanent

  2. Expiration date

  3. Deduct points or not. For example, you don't need to deduct points if you'd like to configure a progressive model when you provide a permanent 10% discount when a client collects 1000 points and a 20% discount when the client collects 3000 points.

  4. Target audience. Is a bonus available for all clients or only for a specified group or just for one customer?

Read how to create and manage different bonuses:

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