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Create and manage absolute discounts in the loyalty program
Create and manage absolute discounts in the loyalty program

How to create and manage absolute discounts (discounts in money, like -100$ on haircut) in the Loyalty Program

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This article assumes that you are already aware of how the Loyalty Program works and how to activate the Loyalty Program and the main ideas of its configuration. If not please read the following articles:

Absolute Discount

When we say Absolute Discount we mean a discount in the amount of money, like "- 100$" on some service or product. The discount in percentages, like "- 20%" on some service or product is a separate category of bonuses called Discount.

Create Absolute Discount

Main menu -> Clients -> Loyalty Program -> Add button in the Absloute Discounts section.

  1. Fill bonus Name and Description, upload photo. The description and photo are optional.

  2. Points Needed - how many points a client needs to collect to get the bonus.

  3. Discount Value - the size of the discount in your local currency.

  4. Deduct points - deduct bonus points from a client's total points or not. For example, you don't need to deduct points if you'd like to configure a progressive model when you provide a permanent 10% discount when a client collected 1000 points and a 20% discount when the client collected 3000 points.

  5. Is a One-time discount- if checked the discount can be received only once by each client. Otherwise, clients can get it multiple times - every time when they have enough bonus points.

  6. Expiration date - the discount will not be available after the date. Leave empty to make the discount infinite.

  7. Target customers. Allows to specify the target audience for the discount - is it available for all clients, specific groups of clients, or only for one selected client:

8. Click "Save" to create the discount.

If the Loyalty Program is activated the discount will immediately appear in your mobile app and website.

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